Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Doti's, Bikes and beer

I know I have just posted but I still have a little more internet time so I'll write about some of the experiences Olivia and I have had in India.

Last week we went to Munnar, a beautiful mountain region of South India full of tea plantations. We arrived their very late on Saturday night with just enough time to grab a quick meal and head to our homestay.We had a TV in our room. A luxury I've, guiltily, missed having. An evening of Kingfisgher beer and 'Die Hard 4' was planned. The 'one small beer' must have hit us really hard because we , ashamedly, knocked both of them on the floor that night. I know! The shame!

Next day, we hired a scooter. Olivia was seriously doubting my eagerness as the roads were not dissimilar to the alpine bends of the Alps and helmets were 'not compulsory'. This means they didn't have any. Seeing Olivia so worried I had to reassure her by answering her question with 'I have ridden scooters many times'. I have never been on one in my life! However, being the arrogant mountain biker that I am, I was confident it couldn't be that difficult. Luckly, for me, it n't. Olivia and I had one of the best days in India yet.

During our 6 hour bike ride I had to leave Olivia with the bike on her own on 3 occasion. Even though se was only yards away, she managed to topple the bike EVERY time! The most embaressing was on an alpine road. I was having a pee on one side and she was stood laughing at the toppled bike when a van stopped and all the men ran out to help this 'damsel in distress'. After lifting up the bike for her, I emerged from the forest, obviously just having been to the toilet and . . . wearing an Indian doti (very badly). They all laughed very hard!

On the subject of doti's, I might aswell write about it now, they have changed my life. I feel I can now contribute to a womans argument on the subject of the hardships of going through childbirth, wearing heels etc. They have never worn a doti! In all seriousness, it is the hardest thing I have ever done. The embaressment of walking down the street and having the whole thing blow in the wind and fly straight off is ridiculous. Especially in such a conservative state of India. Or even riding a scooter and a gust of wind blowing it up so that oncoming traffic have a very intimate view of me. AAH! I have been wearing mine for 3 weeks now and am still none the wiser as to how to keep it up! I will see this through to the end though. I don't know why, but I will. Must be pride!

Right! I must go now, I think I might have gone into my second hour! Gutted.

Hope everyone else in India is having a lovely time ad to my friends and family reading this. Muchos bessos and I miss you all (sometimes)

Neil x

P.S. I can't seem to access my email here so please send me atxt if it's important.

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